August 28, 2013: Day 47   Leave a comment

August 28, 2013, Day 47 – Travel Day to St. John, NB

What began as a very foggy morning turned into a beautiful day and an easy drive to St. John, New Brunswick. Betty was making bets as to who would be the first to leave the campground after Mike – she was betting on Carl to be the first; I was betting on Jim and Terri.

Here is “Thumper” making his last check of the tires. From now on we are on our own!

Carl is getting ready!

And there goes Mike – Gentlemen, start your engines!

But WAIT, what is happening here? Next out wasn’t Carl and Sandy, and it wasn’t Jim and Terri; it was Bob and Evelyn!!

The fog was so thick it was hard to see very far ahead. Carl thought he would try to follow the lights from the truckers, but we just couldn’t keep up!

This continued until we went through the $5.25 tollbooth and, voila, the sun came out magically and stayed bright and beautiful for the rest of the drive!


With multiple locations at which to stop along the way, it wasn’t difficult for the first to leave Truro to be nearly the last to arrive in Saint John!

We have been amused at the location of Canadian welcome signs. After we left Saint Anthony on the way to Deer Lake we saw a “Welcome to Canada” sign. This afternoon, as we were approaching Saint John, was a “Welcome to New Brunswick” sign! Go figure. Where do they think we came from this far into New Brunswick?

Mike and Susie heaving a huge sigh of relief that their responsibilities are nearly over and their children are ready to venture out on their own. Along with Jim and Betty, they took us on an absolutely great caravan. Thanks to all four of you!

Sammy and Oscar totally agree!

This is our next to the last social with a group of friends we hope to meet again down the road.

Bob and Mark held up their end and don’t Betty and Jim look more relaxed?

We are all using up our snacks – let the dieting begin!

Safe travels to all as you continue on your journeys. We hope to meet you again someday.

Carl and Sandy (Rig #18)


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